[ rahy-zoh-bee-uh m ]
/ raɪˈzoʊ bi əm /

noun, plural rhi·zo·bi·a [rahy-zoh-bee-uh] /raɪˈzoʊ bi ə/. Bacteriology.

any of several rod-shaped bacteria of the genus Rhizobium, found as symbiotic nitrogen fixers in nodules on the roots of the bean, clover, etc.

Origin of rhizobium

< New Latin (1889), equivalent to rhizo- rhizo- + Greek bí(os) life (see bio-) + Latin -um noun suffix
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/ (raɪˈzəʊbɪəm) /

noun plural -bia (-bɪə)

any rod-shaped bacterium of the genus Rhizobium, typically occurring in the root nodules of leguminous plants and able to fix atmospheric nitrogenSee also nitrogen fixation

Word Origin for rhizobium

C20: from rhizo- + Greek bios life
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