[ rahy-zuh-sfeer ]

  1. the area of soil that surrounds the roots of a plant and is altered by the plant's root growth, nutrients, respiration, etc.

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British Dictionary definitions for rhizosphere


/ (ˈraɪzəʊˌsfɪə) /

  1. the region of the soil in contact with the roots of a plant. It contains many microorganisms and its composition is affected by root activities

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Scientific definitions for rhizosphere


[ zə-sfîr′ ]

  1. The soil zone that surrounds and is influenced by the roots of plants. Within the rhizosphere, roots secrete a slimy lubricating substance, called mucigel, that cause the particles of soil to adhere to the roots, assisting in the uptake of water, and encourages the growth of nitrogen-fixing bacteria and other beneficial microorganisms.

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