[ roh-dee-uh m ]
/ ˈroʊ di əm /

noun Chemistry.

a silvery-white metallic element of the platinum family, forming salts that give rose-colored solutions: used to electroplate microscopes and instrument parts to prevent corrosion. Symbol: Rh; atomic weight: 102.905; atomic number: 45; specific gravity: 12.5 at 20°C.

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Origin of rhodium

From New Latin, dating back to 1804; see origin at rhod-, -ium

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British Dictionary definitions for rhodium


/ (ˈrəʊdɪəm) /


a hard corrosion-resistant silvery-white element of the platinum metal group, occurring free with other platinum metals in alluvial deposits and in nickel ores. It is used as an alloying agent to harden platinum and palladium. Symbol: Rh; atomic no: 45; atomic wt: 102.90550; valency: 2–6; relative density: 12.41; melting pt: 1963±3°C; boiling pt: 3697±100°C

Word Origin for rhodium

C19: New Latin, from Greek rhodon rose, from the pink colour of its compounds

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Word Origin and History for rhodium



hard white metallic element, 1804, Modern Latin, coined by its discoverer, English physician William H. Wollaston (1766-1828), and named for the color of solutions containing it, from Greek rhodon "rose" (see rose (n.1)) + metallic element ending -ium.

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Medicine definitions for rhodium


[ rōdē-əm ]

n. Symbol Rh

A hard durable metallic element. Atomic number 45.

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Science definitions for rhodium


[ rōdē-əm ]


A rare, silvery-white metallic element that is hard, durable, and resistant to acids. It is used as a permanent plating for jewelry and is added to platinum to make high-temperature alloys. Atomic number 45; atomic weight 102.905; melting point 1,966°C; boiling point 3,727°C; specific gravity 12.41; valence 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. See Periodic Table.
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