[ roh-dop-sin ]
/ roʊˈdɒp sɪn /
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noun Biochemistry.
a bright-red photosensitive pigment found in the rod-shaped cells of the retina of certain fishes and most higher vertebrates: it is broken down by the action of dim light into retinal and opsin.
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Also called visual purple.

Origin of rhodopsin

1885–90; rhod- + Greek óps(is) sight, vision + -in2
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British Dictionary definitions for rhodopsin

/ (rəʊˈdɒpsɪn) /

a red pigment in the rods of the retina in vertebrates. It is dissociated by light into retinene, the light energy being converted into nerve signals, and is re-formed in the darkAlso called: visual purple See also iodopsin

Word Origin for rhodopsin

C20: from rhodo- + -opsis + -in
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Medical definitions for rhodopsin

[ rō-dŏpsĭn ]

A thermolabile protein that is sensitive to red light and is found in the external segments of the rods of the retina of the eye.visual purple
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