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Origin of rhomb

< Latin rhombus rhombus; compare French rhombe


a combining form representing rhombus in compound words: rhombencephalon.
Also especially before a vowel, rhomb-.
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  • Rhomboid, rom′boid, n. a figure of the form of a rhomb: a quadrilateral figure having only its opposite sides and angles equal.

  • It consisted of five magnetic needles, ranged side by side on a horizontal line that formed the diameter of a rhomb.

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    Frederick C. Bakewell

  • The opposite face of the rhomb, from which issue the polarized, ordinary, and extraordinary rays.

  • Let this rhomb be cut along the plane b c; and the two severed surfaces, after having been polished, reunited by Canada balsam.

  • B is silent when it follows m in the same syllable; as in lamb, &c. except in accumb, rhomb, and succumb.

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another name for rhombus
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Word Origin and History for rhomb

1570s, from Middle French rhombe, from Latin rhombus (see rhombus).

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