[ rohn ]

  1. a river flowing from the Alps in S Switzerland through the Lake of Geneva and SE France into the Mediterranean. 504 miles (810 km) long.

  2. a department in E central France: wine-growing region. 1,104 sq. mi. (2,860 sq. km). Capital: Lyons.

  • French Rhône [rohn]. /roʊn/.

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How to use Rhone in a sentence

  • The Félibrige passed westward beyond the Rhone and found adherents in all south France.

    Frdric Mistral | Charles Alfred Downer
  • The assassin gallops away upon his mare, and seeks by night to cross the Rhone.

    Frdric Mistral | Charles Alfred Downer
  • From here the fisherman ferries her over the broad Rhone, and we accompany her over the Camargue, down to the sea.

    Frdric Mistral | Charles Alfred Downer
  • The Poem of the Rhone, the third of the poems in twelve cantos that Mistral has written, appeared in 1897.

    Frdric Mistral | Charles Alfred Downer

British Dictionary definitions for Rhône


/ (rəʊn) /

  1. a river in W Europe, rising in S Switzerland in the Rhône glacier and flowing to Lake Geneva, then into France through gorges between the Alps and Jura and south to its delta on the Gulf of Lions: important esp for hydroelectricity and for wine production along its valley. Length: 812 km (505 miles)

  2. a department of E central France, in the Rhône-Alpes region. Capital: Lyon. Pop: 1 621 718 (2003 est). Area: 3233 sq km (1261 sq miles)

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