or R.I.

  1. Rhode Island (approved especially for use with zip code).

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  1. Queen and Empress.

Origin of R.I.

From Latin Rēgīna et Imperātrīx

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  1. King and Emperor.

Origin of R.I.

From Latin Rēx et Imperātor

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How to use RI in a sentence

  • Aunt RI was looking forward to the rest with great anticipation; she was heartily tired of being on the move.

    Ramona | Helen Hunt Jackson
  • Aunt RI, at her best estate, had never possessed a room which had the expression of this poor little mud hut of Ramona's.

    Ramona | Helen Hunt Jackson
  • As they walked along, he listened with trembling, half-incredulous hope to Jos's interpretation of Aunt RI's voluble narrative.

    Ramona | Helen Hunt Jackson
  • It was in full sight from the door of the little shanty in which Aunt RI's carpet-loom stood.

    Ramona | Helen Hunt Jackson
  • Except for their sad errand, both Felipe and Aunt RI would have experienced a keen delight in this ascent.

    Ramona | Helen Hunt Jackson

British Dictionary definitions for RI


abbreviation for
  1. Regina et Imperatrix

  2. Rex et Imperator

  1. Rhode Island

  2. Royal Institution

  3. religious instruction

  4. (Republic of) Indonesia (international car registration)

Origin of RI

(sense 1) Latin: Queen and Empress (sense 2) Latin: King and Emperor (sense 6) R(epublic of) I(ndonesia)

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