rice bowl

  1. a small bowl for eating rice out of, esp a decorative one made of china or porcelain

  2. a fertile rice-producing region

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How to use rice bowl in a sentence

  • That does not matter, for each one has his own rice-bowl on the floor in front of him.

    Our Little Siamese Cousin | Mary Hazelton Wade
  • Foh-Kyung set down his rice-bowl from his left hand and his ivory chop-sticks from his right.

  • You passed over Pampanga Province, which is called the rice bowl of the Philippines.

    The Golden Skull | John Blaine
  • Facing the Snorter, he spat in his face, with a noise like thunder, a piece of bezoar as large as a rice-bowl.

    Myths and Legends of China | E. T. C. Werner