[ ri-shahrd; French ree-shar ]


  1. Mau·rice [maw-, rees, moh-, rees], Rocket, 1921–2000, Canadian hockey player.



[ rich-erd ]


  1. a male given name.


/ ˈrɪtʃəd /


  1. RichardSir Cliff1940MBritishMUSIC: pop singer Sir Cliff , real name Harry Rodger Webb . born 1940, British pop singer. Film musicals include The Young Ones (1961) and Summer Holiday (1962)
  2. RichardMaurice19212000MCanadianSPORT AND GAMES: ice hockey player Maurice , known as Rocket . (1921–2000); Canadian ice hockey player

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Example Sentences

If it happens, no one will remember that the Bruins and Canadiens didn’t meet during the regular season — and the rivalry may get nearly as heated as it was when Richard had his infamous run-in with the B’s 66 years earlier.

I thought, “She was in Richard’s lab for 10 years before she discovered the olfactory receptors.”

Richard taught me to think big, because a big deal is as much work as a small deal and easier to manage.

From Fortune

With their 20th high school reunion approaching, Richard checked in with the organizers, who included Sue’s best friend, Shari.

Here, she barely stops for breath as she marches through the mall, buying everything in sight in an attempt to get back at Richard for ignoring her — but Richard, of course, never even notices that she bought anything.

From Vox

As played by Omundson, King Richard is effeminate, sincere, and ten times funnier than everyone else.

In the 1950s, you had people like Richard Hofstadter and Arthur Schlesinger moving back and forth between the two worlds.

Steiger was nominated, and Richard Burton, and a lot of people in bigger movies.

Then, two years later, America elected Richard Nixon as president.

In the 1960 campaign between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy, there was virtually no discussion of crime.

Richard Chiswell, a noted English printer and an extensive publisher, died.

Richard Brathwaite, an English poet and miscellaneous writer, died.

Richard Cumberland died; eminent as a British poet, essayist, novelist and dramatic writer.

Richard Wilson died; an English landscape painter of great merit.

Richard Joy (the English Samson), died; a man of wonderful strength.





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