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[ ri-dik-yuh-luhs-nis ]


  1. the quality of being worthy of ridicule or derision; absurd, laughable, or preposterous character:

    When it comes to travel expenses I have to document every little item, to the point of ridiculousness.

    The humor gets its appeal from the ridiculousness and unlikeliness of the situation.

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Other Words From

  • hy·per·ri·dic·u·lous·ness noun
  • un·ri·dic·u·lous·ness noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of ridiculousness1

First recorded in 1570–80; ridiculous ( def ) + -ness ( def )
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Example Sentences

Then came the pandemic — and, after months of work, Rattray was left holding a mask that would have seemed ridiculous a year ago but has tapped into the strangeness of this moment.

Instead of working from Instagram’s stock set that many know by heart, or VSCO’s ridiculous number of hard-to-navigate presets, you’ve got a dozen strong options that people won’t recognize as easily.

It feels so ridiculous, so surreal, that it’s almost amusing.

The Surprise and Anger sliders look similarly ridiculous when slammed to their maximum values, but there are some believable looks in between.

I’m bothered by the ridiculous idea that our software will suddenly one day wake up and take over the world.

Yet, the league now has TWO franchises in states where pot is legal: do players discuss this ridiculousness?

But of course, this kind of ridiculousness is why fans love The League.

Of course publishing a book of selfies is the height of Kim Kardashian self-referential ridiculousness.

Pillows underneath their left arms, Maggie and Lydia look at each other and laugh at the ridiculousness of this scenario.

This is some straight-up Days of Our Lives nonsense, which is to say that it is fun to entertain, but only as pure ridiculousness.

His quick Irish wit roused to the ridiculousness of it until he broke into a laugh that steadied him amazingly.

Let any one imagine the ridiculousness of the situation of “dear, good, excellent Mr. Richardson” at this time.

He saw the smallness of his business, the ridiculousness of any such profession having any claim on him.

Again the thought of the ridiculousness of their being poor so unexpectedly, came over them.

I asked, shocked, though amused, by the ridiculousness of the whole affair.