[ rid-lee ]

noun,plural rid·leys.
  1. Also called Atlantic ridley, bastard ridley, bastard turtle . a gray sea turtle, Lepidochelys kempii, of the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of North America, about 24 inches (61 centimeters) long, previously thought to be a hybrid of the loggerhead and green turtles: an endangered species.

  2. Also called olive ridley, Pacific ridley . an olive-colored sea turtle, Lepidochelys olivacea, similar to L. kempii, inhabiting tropical waters of the Indian, Pacific, and South Atlantic Oceans: threatened or endangered throughout its range.

Origin of ridley

First recorded in 1895–1900; of undetermined origin

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[ rid-lee ]

  1. Nicholas, c1500–55, English bishop, reformer, and martyr.

  2. a town in SE Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia.

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/ (ˈrɪdlɪ) /

  1. Nicholas . ?1500–55, English bishop, who helped to revise the liturgy under Edward VI. He was burnt at the stake for refusing to disavow his Protestant beliefs when Mary I assumed the throne

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