/ riː /


  1. RieLucie19021995FBritishAustrianARTS AND CRAFTS: potter Dame Lucie , original name Lucie Gomperz . 1902–95, British potter, born in Austria

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Example Sentences

“At the first couple of RIE classes, I started picking it apart,” said Gray.

Little-known outside academic circles, the RIE philosophy has spread among parents via word-of-mouth.

RIE was co-founded in 1978 by Gerber and Tom Forrest, then a pediatric neurologist at the University of California, Los Angeles.

RIE toys are simple—a paisley scarf, a wooden spoon, a plastic colander—so as to stimulate imagination and motor skills.

And in addition to parenting classes and educator certification, RIE publishes parenting books, teaching manuals, and DVDs.

There is a kind of reed which beareth a seed almost like vnto our rie or wheat, & being boiled is good meate.

Perisca innanzi la città, say I, che tante opere rie si sostengano.

After an, e erased rie MS. ant nomeliche in an lond ylirie hatte.

He was then at a little village called Rie, where the chiefe Gentleman of the place was standing at his doore ready to goe abroad.

But the wheat and the rie were not smitten: for they were not grown up.