or Rig·ve·da

[ rig-vey-duh, -vee-duh ]
/ rɪgˈveɪ də, -ˈvi də /

noun Hinduism.

one of the Vedas, a collection of 1028 hymns, dating from not later than the second millennium b.c.
Compare Veda.

Origin of Rig-Veda

From the Sanskrit word ṛgveda
Related formsRig·ve·dic [rig-vey-dik, -vee-] /rɪgˈveɪ dɪk, -ˈvi-/, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for rig veda


/ (rɪɡˈveɪdə, -ˈviːdə) /


a compilation of 1028 Hindu poems dating from 2000 bc or earlier

Word Origin for Rig-Veda

C18: from Sanskrit rigveda, from ric song of praise + Veda
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Word Origin and History for rig veda

Rig veda

1776, from Sanskrit rigveda, from rg- "praise, hymn, spoken stanza," literally "brightness," from PIE *erkw- "to radiate, beam; praise" + veda "knowledge," from PIE *weid-o-, from root *weid- "to know, see" (see vision (n.)). A thousand hymns, orally transmitted, probably dating from before 1000 B.C.E. Related: Rig-vedic.

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