/ (ˈrɪɡəməˌrəʊl) /

  1. a variant of rigmarole

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How to use rigamarole in a sentence

  • He could hardly bring himself to read through the long rigamarole of specifications which each insurance paper itemized.

    The "Genius" | Theodore Dreiser
  • Standing stiffly through the whole rigamarole, von Schlichten waited for it to end, as finally it did.

    Uller Uprising | Henry Beam Piper, John D. Clark and John F. Carr
  • Of course, under that rigamarole I knew what was doing—orders from headquarters—and more to follow.

    Making Money | Owen Johnson
  • If I had not known you had studied law, not for a moment would that rigamarole lead me to suspect it.

    The Paliser case | Edgar Saltus