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right away


  1. without delay; immediately or promptly

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Idioms and Phrases

Also, right off . Without delay, immediately, as in Can you bring our dinners right away? We're in a hurry , or We liked her right off . This idiom uses right as an intensifier and away in the sense of “at once,” the latter usage dating from the 1500s and surviving only in such phrases as this one and fire away . It was first recorded in 1818. Also see right off the bat .

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Example Sentences

Liu had just gotten married two months before and hoped to start a family right away.

The doctor tells me I can walk on it right away, “as comfort allows.”

Choosing to strike while the iron was hot, Future announced his followup to Pluto, Future Hendrix, right away.

I was looking to make a documentary, I wanted to change my career, and I knew right away this was it.

Emergent procedures provide their benefit right away and have the awesome potential to rescue a patient from the brink of death.

I had no idea of going back to Benton right away, and sitting around Fort Walsh waiting for something to turn up was not my taste.

She's going to have her currant jell' made right away, even whilst the currants are half green.

Then I'll ride right away down to the Landing and get old Joe warmed up to the subject.

I have wanted him to do it absolutely on his own, and I could not emphasize this better than by coming right away to Mudros.

That was why, when he had gone, I went right away from you, and asked you not to write to me; I wanted to think it all out—alone.


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