1. a variant of downright

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Example Sentences

And she went right down into a mine area, between two hostile sides.

It sounds familiar—right down to the media drum beat to lower physician pay.

DS: I went right down, about 30 pounds for (the Liam Neeson movie) A Walk Among the Tombstones, then back up for The Guest.

They allegedly go to work every day for veterans—yet apparently had no idea what was happening right down the street from them.

The border runs right down the middle of this room, too, though there is no green line on the floor.

You see, all the swells sat in their boxes and gazed right down on the dancers, who had a circular place roped off for them.

How does it happen the Black Hood isn't right down in Tombs prison now?

I sat right down on the floor with the lamp at my side, and tore open the note and read it.

Benson, go right down to the Pennsylvania, and get the stateroom that is reserved for Alfred Stevens.

Why, it's six thousand feet up here, and the wind don't monkey and dally around, hit gits right down to business.


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