right-side up


adverb, adjective

with the top or correct side facing up: turn the carton right-side up; a right-side up image.

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Examples from the Web for right-side up

Historical Examples of right-side up

  • They had a right-side-up boat, and it was full to its capacity.

  • I'll get her to Edgartown or wherever you want to go, right-side-up with care.

    The Adventure Club Afloat

    Ralph Henry Barbour

  • He closed the door behind him, leaving Mr. Rapp still staring at the immobile, right-side-up message on the glowing screen.

  • The rescuer, right-side-up, was squeezing a plastic container of liquid soap and directing the stream against the captain.

    Hanging by a Thread

    Gordon Randall Garrett

  • It took a comparison to tell the difference between one of them right-side-up and another one upside-down.

    Highways in Hiding

    George Oliver Smith

Idioms and Phrases with right-side up

right-side up

With the top facing upward, as in Please keep the box holding the china right-side up, or He turned his cards right-side up. [Early 1500s]

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