[ rahyt-lee ]
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  1. in accordance with truth or fact; correctly: to see rightly; to understand rightly.

  2. in accordance with morality or equity; uprightly.

  1. properly, fitly, or suitably: to be rightly dressed.

  2. Informal. with certainty; positively: I can't rightly say.

Origin of rightly

before 900; Middle English; Old English rihtlīce.See right, -ly

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British Dictionary definitions for rightly


/ (ˈraɪtlɪ) /

  1. in accordance with the facts; correctly

  2. in accordance with principles of justice or morality

  1. with good reason; justifiably: he was rightly annoyed with her

  2. properly or suitably; appropriately: rightly dressed for a wedding

  3. (used with a negative) informal with certainty; positively or precisely (usually in the phrases I don't rightly know, I can't rightly say)

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