[ rahy-mohs, rahy-mohs ]

  1. full of crevices, chinks, or cracks.

Origin of rimose

1720–30; <Latin rīmōsus full of cracks, equivalent to rīm(a) cleft, crack, chink + -ōsus-ose1
  • Also ri·mous [rahy-muhs]. /ˈraɪ məs/.

Other words from rimose

  • ri·mose·ly, adverb
  • ri·mos·i·ty [rahy-mos-i-tee], /raɪˈmɒs ɪ ti/, noun

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How to use rimose in a sentence

  • The pileus is pulvinate-ungulate, much dilated, deeply sulcate; cinnamon, then brown or blackish; very much cracked or rimose.

British Dictionary definitions for rimose


/ (raɪˈməʊs, -ˈməʊz) /

  1. (esp of plant parts) having the surface marked by a network of intersecting cracks

Origin of rimose

C18: from Latin rīmōsus, from rīma a split, crack

Derived forms of rimose

  • rimosely, adverb
  • rimosity (raɪˈmɒsɪtɪ), noun

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