1. to assign (money, a grant, fund, etc) to one particular purpose, so as to restrict its use: to ring-fence a financial allowance

  2. to oblige (a person or organization) to use money for a particular purpose: to ring-fence a local authority

nounring fence
  1. an agreement, contract, etc, in which the use of money is restricted to a particular purpose

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How to use ring-fence in a sentence

  • We took the path up the valley bottom, and across a grassy shoulder of the park to a small gate in the ring-fence.

    The Adventures of Harry Revel | Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  • What a man may feel for a fine estate in a ring fence, Beck felt for that isthmus of the kennel which was subject to his broom.

    Lucretia, Complete | Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  • Three circles of milk bush, one within the other, formed the boma, or ring-fence.

  • I wanted a fine country home and a profitable investment within the same ring fence.

    The Fat of the Land | John Williams Streeter
  • In order to get a ring-fence round his property he bought the Pg 52four intervening triangular fields.

    Amusements in Mathematics | Henry Ernest Dudeney