[ring-pawr-uh s, -pohr-]

adjective Botany.

having annual rings marked by a conspicuous band of large pores in wood formed in spring.

Origin of ring-porous

First recorded in 1900–05
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Historical Examples of ring-porous

  • The wood is ring-porous, that is, the inner edge of the yearly growth ring has a row of large pores.

    American Forest Trees

    Henry H. Gibson

  • A wood with its large pores collected into one row or in a single band is said to be ring-porous.

    Studies of Trees

    Jacob Joshua Levison

  • That would represent the ring-porous woods, and the large tubes would be called vessels, or trache.

    Wood and Forest

    William Noyes

  • Ring-porous woods, in which the pores appear (in a cross-section) in concentric rings, as in chestnut, ash and elm.

    Wood and Forest

    William Noyes

  • Ring-porous woods—Pores numerous, usually visible on cross-section without magnifier.

    Wood and Forest

    William Noyes