ringing tone

  1. British a sequence of pairs of tones heard by the dialler on a telephone when the number dialled is ringing: Compare engaged tone, dialling tone

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How to use ringing tone in a sentence

  • “Move not,” he returned quickly, his decisive ringing tone arresting as by magic the signal which the chief was about to make.

    The Luck of Gerard Ridgeley | Bertram Mitford
  • She had to laugh and he laughed, too, with the ringing tone of youth that made him seem younger than his years.

    The Last Shot | Frederick Palmer
  • The reply came in a ringing tone: "You must promise to love your children better than you love yourself."

    Everychild | Louis Dodge
  • Then with a clear, ringing tone, he spoke in a voice that was almost a cry.

    Dusty Star | Olaf Baker
  • Something like pride crept into the boy's voice while he spoke, and he ended with a ringing tone.

    Riders of the Silences | John Frederick