[ rins ]
/ rɪns /

verb (used with object), rinsed, rins·ing.


Origin of rinse

1300–50; Middle English ryncen < Middle French rincer, Old French recincier < Vulgar Latin *recentiāre to make new, refresh, equivalent to Latin recent- (stem of recēns) fresh, recent + connective -i- + -āre infinitive suffix


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British Dictionary definitions for rinse

/ (rɪns) /

verb (tr)

to remove soap from (clothes, etc) by applying clean water in the final stage in washing
to wash lightly, esp without using soapto rinse one's hands
to give a light tint to (hair)


the act or an instance of rinsing
hairdressing a liquid preparation put on the hair when wet to give a tint to ita blue rinse

Derived forms of rinse

rinsable or rinsible, adjectiverinsability or rinsibility, nounrinser, noun

Word Origin for rinse

C14: from Old French rincer, from Latin recens fresh, new
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