Riot Act

  1. an English statute of 1715 providing that if 12 or more persons assemble unlawfully and riotously, to the disturbance of the public peace, and refuse to disperse upon proclamation they shall be considered guilty of felony.

Idioms about Riot Act

  1. read someone the riot act,

    • to reprimand; censure: The principal read them the riot act for their behavior at the assembly.

    • to give (someone) a sharp warning.

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How to use Riot Act in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for Riot Act

Riot Act

  1. criminal law (formerly in England) a statute of 1715 by which persons committing a riot had to disperse within an hour of the reading of the act by a magistrate

  2. read the riot act to someone to warn or reprimand someone severely

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