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[ rahy-puhn ]

verb (used with or without object)

  1. to make or become ripe.
  2. to bring or come to maturity, the proper condition, etc.; mature.


/ ˈraɪpən /


  1. to make or become ripe

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Derived Forms

  • ˈripener, noun

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Other Words From

  • ripen·er noun
  • half-ripened adjective
  • over·ripen verb
  • under·ripened adjective
  • un·ripened adjective
  • un·ripen·ing adjective
  • well-ripened adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of ripen1

First recorded in 1555–65; ripe + -en 1

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Example Sentences

She knows just how to trigger liberals with outrageous rhetoric that ripens in the QAnon realm of conspiracy theories and misinformation.

From Time

A steep walk led to Bald Peak, then we continued through ripening wild blueberries to Parkman Mountain, Gilmore Peak and the 1,373-foot Sargent Mountain.

As such it seems guaranteed to do the business at the box office, but it feels like a lost opportunity to either dig down deeper into the soul of a pop star, or to break out a few more laughs by ripening the portrayal.

That’s why those at Top Banana — the largest vendors of Dole bananas in the North East — have developed a complex system for ripening bananas from all over the world to perfection.

From Eater

Early in the season, I get them by the dozen, treating myself to a direct shipment from Georgia, and later, when the fruit is ripening further north, I cart home as much as I can carry from my local farmers market.

The motions will “ripen,” in the rather charming legislative argot applied to this aggressively charmless process, next Tuesday.

Perhaps Snickers should have let Barr and Lewis ripen another 20 years.

Certain washed-rind cheeses ripen in just weeks, others over the span of a few years.

The first, in 1990-91, was necessary, launched only after circumstance and great diplomatic effort had allowed it to “ripen.”

The plants ripen very fast and emit an aromatic odor, increasing in strength as the plants ripen.

They never top their tobacco, and the leaves never ripen together.

I perceive that the amount of nicotine in a great measure depends on the extent to which the leaf is allowed to ripen.

(p. 443) The leaves ripen sooner if the plant is topped, while the quality is much better.

Our Indian corn will not ripen and all I saw of it was a few little garden patches.


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