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[ri-pyey-noh; Italian ree-pye-naw]Music.
noun, plural ri·pie·nos; Italian ri·pie·ni [ree-pye-nee] /riˈpyɛ ni/.
  1. tutti(defs 3, 4).
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  1. tutti(def 2).
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Origin of ripieno

1715–25; < Italian: full
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Historical Examples of ripieno

  • Ripieno is an Italian musical term, meaning that which accompanies and strengthens.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 16, No. 96, October 1865


  • The Opera House orchestra needed a ripieno (supplementary violin), and Handel accepted the post.

    Story-Lives of Great Musicians

    Francis Jameson Rowbotham

British Dictionary definitions for ripieno


noun plural -ni (-niː) or -nos
  1. (in baroque concertos and concerti grossi) the full orchestra, as opposed to the instrumental soloistsAlso called: concerto Compare concertino (def. 1)
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Word Origin for ripieno

C18: from Italian: from ri- re- + pieno, from Latin plēnus full
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