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[rip-yoo-air-ee-uh n]
  1. designating or pertaining to a group of Franks who lived along the Rhine in the neighborhood of Cologne during the 4th century or the code of laws observed by them.
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  1. a Ripuarian Frank.
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Origin of Ripuarian

1775–85; < Medieval Latin Ripuāri(us) + -an
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Historical Examples of ripuarian

  • The later law of the Ripuarian Franks treats it more distinctly from the former point of view.

    The Common Law

    Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

  • From the end of the fifth century Cologne belonged to the Franks and was long occupied by the Ripuarian kings.

  • Among the Ripuarian Franks, a free woman thus disgracing herself, was girt with a sword and a distaff.

  • He began with the most powerful of the tribes, the Ripuarian Franks.

British Dictionary definitions for ripuarian


    1. of or relating to the group of Franks who lived during the 4th century near Cologne along the Rhine
    2. of or designating their code of laws
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  1. a Ripuarian Frank
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Word Origin for Ripuarian

C18: from Medieval Latin Ripuārius, perhaps from Latin rīpa a river bank
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