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rising star

[ rahy-zing stahr ]


  1. a person or thing that is rapidly attracting favorable attention:

    She was a brilliant mathematician and a rising star in her field.

    This company is one of the rising stars on Facebook, with a huge increase in the number of fans in the last six months alone.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of rising star1

First recorded in 1600–10
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Example Sentences

The committee awarded her the coveted “Rising Star Award” for both her exposure and excellence at such a young age.

And the rising star still standing just might be in the best position to offer some elixir to our deeply ailing political system.

As a rising star at the BBC in London, he once sank his teeth into the arm of a junior colleague in the middle of a busy newsroom.

He has long been hailed as a conservative rising star and as a polished and telegenic African American Republican.

Having the precocious Anna Kendrick introduce the class-act rising star was a treat, too.

She liked him less than ever, nevertheless wished that he were her brother and the rising star in American politics.

Beauregard, the rising star of the South, came from Charleston, to reap fresh laurels at Manassas.

Sture was to all appearances the rising star, and on him the crafty legate resolved to fix his hopes.

Pushkin at once recognized Gogol's genius and looked upon the young author as the rising star of Russian literature.

There's something exciting in being the rising star in the poet's heaven, but it's hard on the nerves, I must admit.





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