[ ri-zawr-juh-men-toh, -sawr-; Italian ree-zawr-jee-men-taw ]
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noun,plural Ri·sor·gi·men·tos, Italian Ri·sor·gi·men·ti [ree-zawr-jee-men-tee] /riˌzɔr dʒiˈmɛn ti/ for 2.
  1. the period of or the movement for the liberation and unification of Italy 1750–1870.

  2. (lowercase) any period or instance of rebirth or renewed activity; resurgence: The company's risorgimento surprised Wall Street observers.

Origin of Risorgimento

From Italian, equivalent to risorg(ere) “to rise again” (from Latin resurgere; see resurge) + -i--i- + -mento-ment

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  • Death has claimed nearly all of the conspicuous figures of literature in the period of the Risorgimento.

    Idling in Italy | Joseph Collins

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/ (rɪˌsɔːdʒɪˈmɛntəʊ) /

  1. the period of and the movement for the political unification of Italy in the 19th century

Origin of Risorgimento

Italian, from risorgere to rise again, from Latin resurgere, from re- + surgere to rise

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