[rich-lee-uh n]
  1. of or relating to the theology of Albrecht Ritschl (1822–89), who developed a liberal Christian theology and maintained that religious faith is based on value judgments.
  1. a supporter of Ritschlian theology.

Origin of Ritschlian

1890–95; Ritschl + -ian
Related formsRitsch·li·an·ism, noun
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Historical Examples of ritschlian

  • It will be long until we shall cease to reckon with a Ritschlian influence.

  • It is long since one could properly speak of a Ritschlian school.

  • The Ritschlian movement has engaged a generation of more or less notable thinkers in the period since Ritschl's death.

  • Pragmatism may be described as the secularising of the Ritschlian system of theological thought.

  • The central position of the pragmatist philosophy and the Ritschlian theology is that truth and usefulness are identical.