[ rohd-sahyd ]


  1. the side or border of the road; wayside.


  1. on or near the side of a road.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of roadside1

First recorded in 1705–15; road + side 1

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Example Sentences

As it was, the area’s roadsides yesterday looked like a child’s play yard with toy autos scattered about.

Everybody’s setup is different, but a laptop and a hot spot, road maps or dedicated GPS, and a roadside emergency kit are a good place to start.

A lot of revenue in cities and states comes from things like tolls and roadside parking, and of course taxes.

That fact was clear on our recent trip to the Adirondack Mountains, where we saw clusters of cars, many with out-of-state license plates, gathered around roadside trailheads like so many flies around a drop of honey.

Maybe you’re crouching down to gaze at the view out the passenger window, or dreaming of possible routes on roadside cliffs.

Stasio and his team found U.S. forces under relentless assault from insurgents, roadside bombers, and mortar attacks.

The U.S. hackers sent fake text messages to insurgent fighters and roadside bombers.

De Merode slipped from his seat and dove toward the roadside and into the forest.

It also kills roadside trees, pollutes streams and wells, and destroys gardens.

On Sunday, two election workers were killed by a roadside bomb that also destroyed some ballots.

For these people, under the older dispensation, there was nothing but the poorhouse, the jail or starvation by the roadside.

Shall I sit by the roadside and ask every man who passes by if he wants to hire himself out 'on shares'?

One is reproduced here, chiefly with the object of showing the pleasing roadside humour of hanging criminals in chains.

At every step she took, her golden curls bobbed against her cheek, and so limping she sat down on a bank by the roadside.

All the way the scenery is pretty, but with no very striking features, and villas dot the roadside for a considerable distance.





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