[ roh-uh-nohk ]


  1. a city in SW Virginia.
  2. a river flowing SE from western Virginia to Albemarle Sound in North Carolina. 380 miles (610 km) long.

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Example Sentences

Sergio de la Peña, former think-tank executive Peter Doran, businessman Pete Snyder and former Roanoke sheriff Octavia Johnson.

Sergio de la Peña, former think tank executive Peter Doran and former Roanoke sheriff Octavia Johnson — have not weighed in on the software issue.

Former think tank leader joins race for Virginia governorOctavia Johnson served as Roanoke sheriff from 2006 to 2013.

The single mother and warehouse worker had hit some financial problems, putting her behind on her monthly rent at Frontier Apartments, a complex in Roanoke.

RDS Virginia, a recycling company in Virginia, purchased four AMP robots in 2019 for its Roanoke facility, deploying them on assembly lines to ensure the paper and plastic streams were free of misplaced materials.

From Time

In nearby Roanoke, I pulled my car off to the side of the road, listened to live radio reports from the scene and wept.

The cities of Danville, Fieldale and Roanoke are especially noted for their textiles.

Symphony orchestras furnish superb musical entertainment regularly in Richmond, Norfolk and Roanoke.

In two hours the spirit took its flight, and all that was mortal of John Randolph of Roanoke was hushed in death.

Grenville left one hundred and eight men to found a settlement on the island of Roanoke, and appointed Ralph Lane, governor.

Twenty years later the colonists at Jamestown were no more ready to labor at farming than those at Roanoke had been.





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