1. a combining form extracted from robot and meaning "automated, automatic, or robotic," used in the formation of compound words: a robo-advisor that provides algorithm-based investment advice.

    an automatically generated robo-tweet appearing in my Twitter feed;

    a robo-advisor that provides algorithm-based investment advice.

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Example Sentences

Does all this mean that a robo-Jurassic Park is coming soon to a neighborhood near you?

Those into “robo-tripping” often just chug the medicine without any chaser at all.

Bill Clinton, who signed the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996, has made robo-calls opposing it.

Here are some of my answers: Robo Weis: What ramifications would a Romney loss in 2012 have for the Republican party?

He wanted an audience at his town hall in Concord but drew no one due to a robo-call mixup.

There was a continuous spiral of changing costume-color around the circular robo-table.

Conn finished the robo-pilot and the astrogational computers and saw them installed.

But he would not be pacified, and wringing his hands and in a snivelling whine repeating again and again "Yo soy no robo!"

One man has only two hands, two feet and one brain; he can only handle so much robo-equipment at a time.

Back in Litchfield, Senta would have fired half her human help and taken a sledgehammer to her robo-chef for a meal like that.