/ (ˈrɒkɔːl) /

  1. an uninhabited British island in the N Atlantic, 354 km (220 miles) W of the Outer Hebrides. Area: 0.07 ha (0.18 acres)

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How to use Rockall in a sentence

  • When surveyed Helen Reef was found to be about one-third this distance from Rockall.

    Nautical Charts | G. R. Putnam
  • Didnt I say so when we come round on that long slant from Rockall way?

    A Fleet in Being | Rudyard Kipling
  • The master of the brig Helen reported that his vessel was wrecked on a reef lying six miles from Rockall.

    Nautical Charts | G. R. Putnam
  • Rockall, a lofty and rocky islet in the North Atlantic, lat.