rocket launcher


, Military.
  1. a tube attached to a weapon for the launching of rockets.
  2. a vehicle equipped with many such tubes for the simultaneous firing of rockets.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of rocket launcher1

First recorded in 1940–45

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Example Sentences

Israel said it was targeting Hamas and its networks, including rocket launchers and tunnels, but those targets are often intertwined with schools, clinics, and residential buildings.

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He punched through walls, jumped over scenery, and eventually had his own rocket launcher.

By converting an airplane into a rocket launcher, Virgin Orbit specializes in small, low-cost payloads.

A Grad is a multiple rocket launcher designed to devastate a defined but extensive area.

Planes can't fly over the White House, but condo board won't let me install rocket launcher on MY roof!

Right near there we encounter a man with a rocket launcher on his shoulder who says he saw us last month at Zintan.

While they were assembling the sunbreak, Haines and Boulton unloaded a portable antitank rocket launcher.

Burl and Haines, at the main entry port, unlimbered the long rocket launcher that had been set up in the passageway.

They moved silently forward, carrying the rocket launcher on their backs and a small load of shells and several hand bombs.

The object was a portable rocket launcher designed to fire light attack rockets.

While two of you are doing that, you others break out the rocket launcher and rocket racks and assemble the cutting torch.





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