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[ rok-eez ]


/ ˈrɒkɪz /

plural noun

  1. another name for the Rocky Mountains

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Example Sentences

So even if the Rockies do get a few more late-season storms and the skiing stays good through the spring, the Colorado River Basin is in a hole that’s hard to get out of when it relies solely on precipitation.

To be clear, outside the Rockies, or in good years within them, early-season snow isn’t always so suspect.

A separate eastern group lives east of the Rockies and winters in central Mexico.

Outside of the 37-23 run, the Rockies went 34-68 — a difference worth 28 points of winning percentage.

Now it can be found in scattered places east of the Rockies.

In the Rockies, the number climbs to 26 percent, and in the Southwest, fully a third are on board.

High in the Canadian Rockies it is one of the greatest views I have ever witnessed.

A trip to the Rockies might have been more our speed, but we chose Disney World because we wanted it to be easy.

But Chris finds a quieter kind of satisfaction in the huts that dot the Rockies around Aspen.

Steamboat Springs sits north of the many ski areas along the I-70 corridor, on the western face of the Rockies.

He was then attired picturesquely in a fringed deerskin jacket dressed by some of the Blackfeet across the Rockies.

The early night of the Rockies was already cutting them off from the rest of the world.

The winds of the Rockies had entered into his character as well as into his physique.

This was one of the birds I had made my pilgrimage to the Rockies to study.

Rare winter visitor; summer range unknown; winters in the Rockies.


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