/ rɒˈdriːɡəʊ /


  1. RodrigoJoaquín19021999MSpanishMUSIC: composer Joaquín . 1902–99, Spanish composer. His works include Concierto de Aranjuez (1940) for guitar and orchestra and Concierto Pastorale (1978)

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Example Sentences

“They always seem to be on the move,” said Rodrigo Soberanes, a stringer for AP in Veracruz.

Rodrigo de la Calle is the rare Spanish chef content to trade in his tortilla española for more creative gastronomical adventures.

But if you fire up Instagram and follow Rodrigo de la Calle, you might start salivating over such plants-turned-food.

Rodrigo Santoro: I broke up a couple of months before we met, and Laura and me were both in the same zone.

The Latino man, Rodrigo Diaz, was said by his friends to have entered the driveway by mistake.

Ciudad Rodrigo and Almeida fell without the English commander making any apparent effort to relieve them.

Overborne by their counsels, after lying in front of the position for three days he withdrew to Ciudad Rodrigo.

The English had to cover their single line of communication, which ran through Ciudad Rodrigo.

Ney, with 50,000 men, began the siege of Ciudad Rodrigo in earnest.

But how on earth could Mr. Whitmore have come in Ciudad Rodrigo?