[ rawr-er, rohr-; German roh-ruhr ]


  1. Heinrich, 1933–2013, Swiss physicist: Nobel Prize 1986.

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Example Sentences

While publicly discrediting one’s own work is retroactive, intellectual humility in science would be proactive — a way for researchers to avoid common pitfalls from the get-go, says Rohrer, of the University of Leipzig in Germany.

Rohrer has assisted in ministering to the city’s homeless and LGTBQ community for a number of years.

The bishop and their spouse are raising two children and prior to installation, Rohrer was pastor of the Grace Lutheran Church and served as a chaplain coordinator for the city of San Francisco’s police department.

“I work closely with Deputy County Executive Rohrer on a daily basis and I could not be more confident in his ability to see the Police Department through this period while we search for a new chief,” Hill said in a statement.

In the evening, Rohrer came up and remained with Kern's mess.

Mr. Haler learned afterwards from that mess that Rohrer and Andrews wandered off the next day and died.

Thereupon Rohrer procured an introduction to him, and made some observations derogatory to the valor and virtue of the French.





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