Origin of roll

1175–1225; (noun) (in senses referring to rolled or round objects) Middle English: scroll, inscribed scroll, register, cylindrical object < Old French ro(u)lle < Latin rotulus, rotula small wheel, diminutive of rota wheel (see rotate1, -ule); (in senses referring to motion) derivative of the v.; (v.) Middle English rollen < Old French rol(l)er < Vulgar Latin *rotulare, derivative of Latin rotulus, rotula


12 swing, tilt.
40 See list1.
47 spindle.

Related forms

roll·a·ble, adjectivere·roll, verbun·roll·a·ble, adjectivewell-rolled, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for roll in (1 of 2)

roll in

verb (mainly intr)

(adverb) to arrive in abundance or in large numbers
(adverb) informal to arrive at one's destination
(preposition) informal to abound or luxuriate in (wealth, money, etc)
(adverb; also tr) hockey to return (the ball) to play after it has crossed the touchline

British Dictionary definitions for roll in (2 of 2)


/ (rəʊl) /



Word Origin for roll

C14 rollen, from Old French roler, from Latin rotulus a little wheel, from rota a wheel
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Idioms and Phrases with roll in (1 of 2)

roll in


Retire for the night, as in It's time to roll in—we'll see you in the morning.


Add, as in She tried to roll in several new clauses, but the publisher would not agree.


Arrive, flow, or pour in, as in The football fans have been rolling in since this morning.


Enjoy ample amounts of, especially of wealth, as in Ask the Newmans for a donation—they're rolling in money. This idiom alludes to having so much of something that one can roll around in it (as a pig might roll in mud). It is sometimes put as rolling in it, the it meaning money. [Late 1700s] Also see roll in the aisles; roll in the hay.

Idioms and Phrases with roll in (2 of 2)


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