ronepipe (ˈrəʊnˌpaɪp, Scottish ˈronˌpəɪp)


Scot a drainpipe or gutter for carrying rainwater from a roof

Word Origin for rone

C19: origin unknown
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Historical Examples of rone

  • And sone after one Mauncelle a squier, comyng fro Rone, with .

  • With a pitchfork they made such an openeing in my rone horse's belly.


    Mowbray Morris

  • I told her Rone and I would jus' soon not be let in on the fiesta to-night, and she bit me.


    Sinclair Lewis

  • Simply can't understand how I ever came to have a pair of shillyshallying children like Rone and Ted.


    Sinclair Lewis

  • My old Oak was there, and the apple trees, and the peaches and the pretty things that bloom in red and rone.