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root out


  1. tr, adverb to remove or eliminate completely

    we must root out inefficiency

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Idioms and Phrases

Search for, seek to discover, as in He was trying to root out the reason for her long absence . This idiom alludes to the way hogs dig by using their snouts. [Mid-1800s]

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Example Sentences

Speak to the friends and people you need to root out in life and let that conversation flow.

That case was buoyed by a federal investigation into how Cuomo conducted a commission he created to root out Albany corruption.

In response, Israel invaded southern Lebanon in an effort to root out the Palestinian Liberation Organization from its base.

The current governor, Andrew Cuomo, vowed to root out corruption but has accomplished little so far.

Customs and Border Protection in recent years hired more than 200 internal affairs agents to root out corruption.

This book occasioned some prelates to say that they must root out printing or printing would root out them.

And when he had done these things in this manner, he departed as if he would return again, and root out all the Joppites.

Why have you not to-day three legitimate heirs to root out the hopes of these seditious persons?

Because we root out a place one day, and the next the young ones sprout up again.

It did not root out Shintoism, it simply overwhelmed and absorbed it.


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