/ (ˈrəʊzərɪ) /

nounplural -series
  1. a bed or garden of roses

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How to use rosery in a sentence

  • He came to the rosery, and the beauty of the roses in that sudden sunlight seemed to him unearthly.

  • "You'll admire the 'rosery' more than this," said the gardener, opening another door, and standing aside.

  • But he waited in the rosery till she came tiptoe out; and then the day's alarms and the day's delight began.

    Little Novels of Italy | Maurice Henry Hewlett
  • That was all that was in his mind as he wheeled his bicycle at her side over the turf that lay between the drive and the rosery.

    A Traitor's Wooing | Headon Hill
  • They were passing under a young oak tree, where the path wound round to the rosery and summer-house.

    Five Tales | John Galsworthy