[ roz-wel, -wuhl ]


  1. a city in SE New Mexico.
  2. a town in central Georgia.

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Example Sentences

This shows that these chips can be made using existing fabrication methods at a commercial scale and, according to Barry Merriman, Roswell’s co-founder and chief science officer, they could cost as little as a few dollars per unit.

The centerpiece of Roswell’s circuits is a molecular wire made from a chain of amino acids that is connected to the rest of the chip just as a regular metallic wire would be.

Tyler Bayless said he lived with Long for five months during 2019 and 2020 at Maverick Recovery, a sober-living facility in Roswell.

Before developing, producing, and writing the Friday Night Lights series in 2006, he also wrote for Roswell and Boston Public.

It was the big gun atrocity of the day for the 24 hours before the Roswell shooting.

A 13-year-old opened fire at a middle school in Roswell, New Mexico, critically wounding two.

Bartlett repeatedly asked if anyone had ever seen the bodies of the “little men” supposedly being put into crates at Roswell.

"Jennie will clean the fish, Roswell," called out his mother.

Roswell regretted not knowing your whereabouts, for he wanted to have you along for a sentimental journey in Vermont.

She will be home in a day or two accompanied by her Aunt Etta, who comes ahead of Roswell to hunt up quarters.

Roswell is left alone at the age of fifteen to get along, if he is permitted to stay through college.

Our hopes are blasted as relates to Charles and Roswell, and you cannot conceive the trouble which they have given us.