[ German rohs-vee-tah ]

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How to use Roswitha in a sentence

  • The argument is one employed previously by the Saxon nun Roswitha in the tenth century in her comedy Paphnutius.

  • An edition of Roswitha had been published at Nuremberg in 1501, so that Erasmus may well have taken his model at first-hand.

  • Roswitha was greeted by the world of the Renaissance as the "German Muse."

    Women of the Teutonic Nations | Hermann Schoenfeld
  • The child I will leave with you, Roswitha—No, you would forget him if a man so much as looked through the door at you!

    The Vinland Champions | Ottilie A. Liljencrantz
  • It is in a spirit far different from that of her panegyric on the emperor Otho that Roswitha writes her dramas.

    Of Six Medival Women | Alice Kemp-Welch