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/ rəʊˈteɪtɪŋ /


  1. revolving around a central axis, line, or point

    the rotating blades of a helicopter

  2. passing in turn to each of two or more eligible parties

    the rotating presidency of the EU

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Example Sentences

Causeway Bay has rotating illustrations inspired by clashes with the police.

Lounging about the back was an ever-rotating cast of Merry Pranksters, as the passengers of Furthur were called.

A museum-like sign on the wall claims this was Escobar's cell and that the circular slab was where he had his rotating, round bed.

Even then, only one painting was put on display, rotating every few weeks.

It began as a term for soldiers or ships rotating in formation, before it got picked up by the natural sciences.

This wheel turned with uncertain friction, sometimes rotating on its axis, and sometimes remaining at rest.

They don't fall into each other because they are rotating about each other.

But of course it was himself that was rotating—boots over head.

The whistling died as Symes began rotating about his abdominal axis at a more and more leisurely rate.

The velocity of the wind in the rotating column being very great, a corresponding lifting power was imparted to it.


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