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/ ˈrʌflɪ /


  1. without being exact or fully authenticated; approximately

    roughly half the candidates were successful

  2. in a clumsy, coarse, or violent manner

    his captors did not treat him roughly

  3. in a crude or primitive manner

    a slab of roughly hewn stone

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Example Sentences

They have been studying a roughly 7-million-year-old fossil.

These changes equate to a roughly 6 and 9 percent jump in body mass in males and females, respectively, or about a one kilogram increase on average, the team reports July 31 in the Biological Journal of the Linnean Society.

The home-improvement chain said that domestic same-store sales rose 25% in the quarter that ended in early August, roughly twice as much as Wall Street expected.

From Fortune

Petra Nova was meant to cut the unit’s carbon footprint by about a third—roughly the equivalent of taking 300,000 cars off the road each year.

From Quartz

Lord’s group extracted a complete set of nuclear DNA, which is inherited from both parents, from a roughly 18,530-year-old woolly rhino bone.

The U.S. only plans to train roughly 3,000 Iraqi troops in the first year.

These (roughly) $2,500 ceremonies are supposedly about encouraging “positive feelings” on the part of the single brides.

It is a multimillion-dollar business in which roughly 15 million fowl die a year.

By the end of the construction period, the number of deaths had reached roughly twenty percent of the workforce.

Since 1987, there have been roughly 1,300 cases filed under the blasphemy laws, according to varied reports.

"We will go to the Hotel de l'Europe, if you press it;" and away the cabriolet joggled over the roughly paved street.

He stepped to the girl, and roughly raised her chin with his hand so that she was forced to look him in the face.

A few have the eye and the artistic impulse needed for picturing, roughly at least, the look of an object.

Marceau, indignant at being rebuked by a young staff officer, roughly asked, "And who are you?"

You could use some force to prevent him, you could not kill him, or put out his eyes, or treat him roughly.


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