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Idioms about round

    in the round,
    1. (of a theater) having a stage completely surrounded by seats for the audience.
    2. in the style of theater-in-the-round: The play should be done in the round.
    3. in complete detail; from all aspects: a character as seen in the round.
    4. (of sculpture) not attached to a supporting background; freestanding.
    make the rounds,
    1. to go from one place to another, as in making deliveries, paying social visits, or seeking employment.
    2. Also go the rounds . to be reported or told; circulate: another rumor making the rounds.

Origin of round

First recorded in 1250–1300; Middle English adjective round(e), roende, rount, from Old French, ront, earlier reont, from Vulgar Latin retondus (unattested), from Latin rotundus “wheel-shaped, round, circular”; Middle English noun partly derivative of the adjective, partly from Old French rond, ronde (derivative of ront ); Middle English verb derivative of the adjective; Middle English adverb and preposition apparently shortened variant of around;see rotund


roundness, noun

Other definitions for round (2 of 2)

[ round ]
/ raʊnd /

verb (used with or without object) Archaic.
to whisper.

Origin of round

First recorded before 1000; Middle English rounen, rounne, rounde, ronde “to speak softly, whisper, gossip,” Old English rūnian “to talk low, whisper, mutter,” derivative of rūn “a secret conversation, consultation, counsel”; excrescent -d as in sound;see also rune1
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Derived forms of round

roundness, noun

Word Origin for round

C13: from Old French ront, from Latin rotundus round, from rota a wheel

undefined round

See around
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Cultural definitions for round


A song that can be begun at different times by different singers, but with harmonious singing (see harmony) as the result. “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” is a round.

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