round table

  1. a number of persons gathered together for conference, discussion of some subject, etc., and often seated at a round table.

  2. the discussion, topic of discussion, or the conference itself.

  1. Round Table, Arthurian Legend.

    • the table, made round to avoid quarrels as to precedence, about which King Arthur and his knights sat.

    • King Arthur and his knights.

Origin of round table

Middle English word dating back to 1250–1300
  • Also roundtable (for defs. 1, 2) .

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[ round-tey-buhl ]

  1. noting or pertaining to a conference, discussion, or deliberation in which each participant has equal status, equal time to present views, etc.: round-table discussions.

Origin of round-table

First recorded in 1820–30 Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2024

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British Dictionary definitions for round table (1 of 2)

round table

    • a meeting of parties or people on equal terms for discussion

    • (as modifier): a round-table conference

British Dictionary definitions for Round Table (2 of 2)

Round Table

nounthe Round Table
  1. (in Arthurian legend) the table of King Arthur, shaped so that his knights could sit around it without any having precedence

  2. Arthur and his knights collectively

  1. one of an organization of clubs of young business and professional men who meet in order to further social and business activities and charitable work

  2. (in New Zealand) an organization of businessmen supporting policies of the New Right

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