round-trip ticket


  1. a ticket entitling a passenger to travel to his destination and back again British equivalentreturn ticket

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Example Sentences

He searches patiently through his briefcase and produces a round-trip ticket for the seat in question.

In 1939 it cost the equivalent of more than $6,000 for a round-trip ticket between New York and France.

What will he do now with that round-trip ticket to Des Moines?

Then I added that I'd videograph her a check large enough to cover the works plus a round trip ticket.

Yes, he told me that a round-trip ticket was cheaper than two one-way tickets.

Julia bought a round trip ticket on the Greyhound Bus and carried her bag to the waiting room.

He does not ask for a round-trip ticket, but for a return ticket.

When she entered it, she was at once driven to the Park Street station, where she bought a round trip ticket to Waltham.





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