/ ˈraʊndəz /


  1. functioning as singular a ball game in which players run between posts after hitting the ball, scoring a 'rounder' if they run round all four before the ball is retrieved

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Example Sentences

Rounders is a British girls sport which is a a bit like mini-baseball.

John Dahl, who directed Damon in Rounders, had previously done the very memorable The Last Temptation.

In Rounders, John Malkovich threw himself into the tasking of speaking in a 24-inch thick Russian immigrant tongue.

It was afternoon; the boys were playing at different games in the green playground, and he was waiting for his turn at rounders.

On ordinary days we indulged in a variety of games, the principal one being a form of “rounders.”

Baseball is a good game to watch, and in outline easy to understand, as it is merely glorified rounders.

Of course I would have done everything in my power to give Rounders things to eat that he liked, but I did not know what to do.

I want some women guests this time, and they would be delightful after Mr. Rounders.